EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation. This type of training is a good way to improve your fitness, tone your body and strengthen your muscles in much less time than regular exercise. The main advantage of EMS training is that it significantly saves time, for this type of training you need 20 - 25 minutes of exercise to achieve the same effect that you would have during active training lasting 90 minutes or more. This training technique enables the activation of all muscles at the same time, and since they are under the influence of electrical impulses, regardless of the strength of the contraction, the joints remain relieved. In addition to simultaneous action on all muscles, EMS training offers the possibility of targeted action on specific muscles. In addition, with this technique it is possible to reach deeper layers that are more difficult to activate with normal movements.

This is exactly the reason why EMS training is very popular among all exercisers, whether they are recreational, recuperative or professional athletes.

We will list some more benefits of electrostimulation of muscles:

- builds muscles correctly and in a controlled manner, but with less effort
- it is excellent for weight loss, loss of fat from the body
- ideal body shaping
- safer recovery after injuries
- improves blood flow and tissues around the muscles (removal of cellulite)
- activates specific muscle groups in a targeted manner
- is effective in the fight against osteoporosis
- relieves stress

It is recommended that you exercise with the help of EMS technology on a long-term and regular basis, as well as the usual treatment. Muscle strength can only be maintained by regular training. If you neglect training for a long time, the muscles will return to their original state.

Electromuscular stimulation is a completely safe procedure. The explanation is extremely simple. Our muscles are constantly working. During this process, each movement is initiated by a small internal electrical pulse. During training with electromuscular stimulation, this pulse is simply amplified with an additional pulse coming from the outside. This is precisely the reason why the body knows the pulse. This pulse that comes from outside is not dangerous for the nervous system and the heart. The machines used in training use very low electrical voltage and meet all EU directives that apply to medical devices. EMS training is no more strenuous than standard training. Depending on the intensity of the training, you will need a rest and a glass of water at the end of the workout.

A large number of people can use EMS training, but there are certain health conditions that we must distinguish. You cannot use EMS training in the following cases: epilepsy, pacemaker, pregnancy, serious circulatory disorder, abdominal and inguinal disorder, tuberculosis, tumor, atherosclerosis in an advanced stage, arterial circulation disorder, serious neurological diseases, diabetes, diseases accompanied by fever, acute bacterial or viral infections as well as a serious bleeding disorder - hemophilia.

To be able to apply for EMS training you must be at least 18 years old, while there is no upper limit.

Pregnant women can also try EMS training, but only 6 weeks after giving birth. There are a number of studies that indicate that EMS trains the deep muscles of the pelvic floor quickly and effectively. The positive effects naturally apply to all connective tissues and skin structures that are stretched or overloaded during pregnancy.

EMS is a solution for various situations, so EMS training is used in situations where you want to lose extra pounds and shape your body. It is also successful in the fight against cellulite. Finally, you can use EMS training for very quickly muscle growth.

The results are very quickly noticeable. Already after the first training, you will feel more vital. The results will most likely be visible already after 6 weeks. It depends on the condition at the beginning of training and the way of eating. Our recommendation is one to two training sessions per week, that are lasting at least 20 minutes.

EMS training EMS training EMS training EMS training EMS training

FullFit fitness center offers individual EMS training, as well as EMS with partner. See detailed information about these trainings on the service page.