Because Biosuit was ergonomically created based on years of expertise, it can be used by anyone. This EMS suit is not only simple to use and maintain, but it is also the only one with movable electrodes that can be freely put over each muscle. It is also the most resilient EMS suit ever created for professional use.

The Biosuit EMS suit and AQ8 System are compatible. The cost is really reasonable considering the amount of freedom you have while exercising and the quick turnaround on results. The equivalent of 90 minutes of intense exercise in the gym can be achieved with just 20 minutes of AQ8 EMS training. You can burn 500 calories per session with a maximum of two sessions per week. In contrast to regular exercise, if you follow the plan, benefits should be noticeable in 4 to 6 weeks.

The cost of the EMS suit is just one of its benefits; there are others as well. You have complete freedom when inserting the 18 rubber electrodes that are included in the outfit, which are available for placement wherever. The high level of durability of the EMS underwear, which is constructed of 100% cotton, is one of these suits' key characteristics.

The suit is easy to maintain because it doesn't need to be wet, doesn't slip, and fits people of any size. The EMS suit included accessories include two ergonomic bracelets, LAPP cable system, Neoprene 3mm CoolMax odorless and antibacterial, and safety straps A5.

Additionally, EMS equipment is a unique gadget that has an application built specifically for AQ8 system. This enables you to monitor and maintain control over all parameters at all times for the safest and most efficient workout. The device's 10.4" touchscreen is quite small, and enables for an easy overview of all the options available. You can choose the ideal program with ease thanks to the pre-installed training programs. The exercise regimens that are offered include: Cardio, Fitness, Cellulite, Relax, Meta, and Core.

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AQ2 EMS Training System is another helpful item for EMS training. With just 20 minutes of exercise, Electrofitness AQ2 works 350 separate muscles 36,000 times, which is the equivalent of 4 hours of exercise. Each client's needs for weight loss, muscle growth, rejuvenation, and rehabilitation are taken into account when designing AQ2.