FullFit EMS Studio is engaged in performing EMS training and Wonder treatments, selling equipment for EMS training, which includes the AQ8 system and equipment for Wonder treatments. Additionally, we provide consulting and training services for new staff. Conducting training, business strategy, marketing, business quality at high level, experience all that is an integral part of FullFit EMS Studio. Join this experienced and selected team today.

Whether you are a recreational, professional athlete or want to lose weight, reshape your body, improve your fitness, posture or recover from an injury - FullFit EMS Studio is the right place for you. FullFit EMS Studio has been successfully operating since 2018 and is unique in many ways, because in one place you will get expert advice, necessary support and everything you need to achieve a perfectly shaped body and top form. Some of the services you can expect from us are individual EMS training, EMS training in pairs, individual fitness training as well as guided or group training.

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EMS is electrical muscle stimulation, which is achieved by using special equipment, which causes muscle contraction by regulating the current pulse. This stimulation can be directed to certain parts of the body, more precisely, to a certain group of muscles or to a larger group of muscles, it all depends on your ultimate goal. Most importantly, this treatment is completely safe. See more about EMS training here »

Our special offer, which is related to EMS training, is Wonder treatments. Wonder is the first and only aesthetic technology that combines focused electromagnetic emission and selective high-intensity neuromuscular stimulation. Some of the benefits you can expect if you decide to have the Wonder treatment are:

- The treatment lasts only 25 minutes
- It is possible to completely reshape your body, quickly, easily and safely
- Immediate weight loss
- Increase in muscle mass.

See more details about the wonder treatment on the Wonder page.

In addition to EMS training and other services that we have listed, FullFit also sells equipment for EMS training as well as the AQ8 system. You can see more about this offer on the page AQ8 - Sale of EMS equipment.

Our team consists of ambitious, creative and highly skilled professionals who are completely dedicated to clients, and they show their commitment through the treatments we offer. The personal trainers of the FullFit fitness center are ready to be a support on the way to achieving any goal set by you. The expert trainers of the FullFit fitness center will design an individual exercise plan and a special diet plan for each of you, which you can then implement alone or in pairs, once, twice or three times a week, depending on the number of training sessions you choose.

Our mission is to improve your world of sports through regular training and following innovations, as well as to provide you with the best possible conditions for training. When we talk about the conditions for training, the space for training is important. The exercise area is spacious and carefully decorated, in order to provide you with a suitable and pleasant atmosphere, with hygiene standards at a very high level. We work throughout the day, which gives you the opportunity to organize your time as best as possible.

Our vision is to build a new and modern society by providing assistance in utilizing all the possibilities of technology in the world of fitness and presenting new technologies in sports to all ages.

FullFit EMS studio is a place where you will build your body in the best possible way with our support and professional help. On the price list page you can see which treatments we offer. It is important to know that with each training treatment, the price includes the complete equipment needed for training and hygiene products. First training sesion is free of charge! You just need to come, further motivation will come in proportion to the speed of achieving results. It is certain that with us you can reshape and tighten your body in a very short time, without much sweat and effort. You can be one step ahead, because EMS training enables you to do so.

We are located in New Belgrade, near the Sava Center, and we offer you a flexible time for scheduling an appointment, so that you can coordinate your training with your other obligations as easily as possible.

We expect you!

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